Preventative Measures that can Reduce Hurricane Damage

It’s summer time, which means the hurricanes are threatening to turn your beautiful landscape into an unsightly mess. There are some helpful preventative measures you should take this season in order to reduce the damage to your lawn and home as well as those surrounding your property.

If you don’t already have a drainage system installed it is a good time to do so. Draining any excess water from your yard is an important tool in reducing muddy messes, bacteria and the excess water itself which will kill your plants.

The ground isn’t the only place to take action in preventing hurricane damage. Trimming trees will reduce damage to your home as well. High winds can cause Canopy trees to act as a sail, causing the tree to be uprooted and tip over, leaving behind a nasty path of destruction for you to be burdened with. When trimming trees, you should not forget your big oak trees. If your oaks have any lose limbs, a hurricane will likely encourage those to fall, leaving your house at risk to be the landing pad.

Summer season is an enjoyable one for going on vacation and relaxing. Don’t let coming home be a disaster upon seeing your yard. Taking preventative measures, like installing a drainage system and trimming trees, will help reduce hurricane damage.

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