Our Projects

At Albright Landscaping, Inc. we’re as passionate about your landscaping project as you are. Our reputation relies on our ability to deliver on our promise of providing expertise and outstanding service & quality to you, our customer. Please know that we guarantee professional service from introduction throughout installation and treat each yard we work in respectfully, as if it were our own.

Over the past 40 years we have done all types of residential renovation projects, including beautiful outdoor rooms for entertaining and relaxing; virtually maintenance free Modern designs; stunning front entryways; peaceful Zen gardens; water-wise native Florida plantings; colorful cottage gardens, ponds and waterfalls; carefree lush tropical beach landscapes including hammocks and Tiki Bars, and more! We recognize that your yard is an extension of your home, and we’ll customize it to reflect your personal style.

The Process…

Many people know that hiring a landscape design company can be a risky situation that could turn into a pain-in-the-neck ordeal. From waiting weeks for a price on an unclear and mediocre landscape design to finding your home has been turned into a messy jobsite with slow, unmotivated workers, there are many reasons to be concerned about who you will select for your landscape project.

At Albright Landscaping, Inc. have been in the business of satisfying landscaping wants and needs for over 40 years. Our family owned and operated business thrives on the happiness of its clients. Our goal is to make the entire experience, from the first phone call to the final detail, a high quality and hassle-free experience.

This experience begins when you contact Albright Landscaping, Inc. after deciding that you are ready to begin a landscape project. Contacting us is simple – either call us directly at 727-526-8835 or request a free quote right on our website.

When you call Albright Landscaping Inc, you can count on a cheerful voice on the other end of the receiver when contact is made. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the many aspects of the landscaping business and will gladly help you with whatever you need, including setting up a time to speak with one of our landscape-design specialists at your convenience.


Our  landscape-design specialists, likely owner Dan Albright, will work with you in creating your ideal landscape. Mr. Albright has been designing landscapes for more than four decades, during which time he has been able to hone and perfect his craft, creating efficient and client collaborative inspired works of art. Our landscape designers will consider each unique attribute of your property, the way you want to utilize your space, and the overall look you are going for, in order to create a low maintenance custom design, to meet your desires and budget. We want you to be the envy of your neighborhood!

When you make the decision to move forward with the project, we will set the job date and time in accordance with your schedule. Our landscape architects will come to your home, professionally bringing your personalized landscape plans to life. To maximize your satisfaction, the landscape-design specialist will be readily available to you throughout this process, whether by phone or on the jobsite.

The benefits of having a well-landscaped yard extend beyond aesthetics. At Albright Landscaping, Inc. we feel that beautiful landscaping can also improve one’s well-being in many ways and we are happy to provide a service that will help bring your home to life. If you are in need of new landscaping for your home or business, we very much hope to meet and work with you soon.



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