Efficient Landscape Watering While On Summer Vacation

Spring gave us a lovely show of deep greens and vibrant pinks, purples, and yellows from all the new blooms as well as beautiful weather with light breezes and not-too-hot, not-too-cold temperatures. Now, however, we will be entering the summer months and experiencing scorching heat and soaking humidity. One thing to look forward to is the opportunity for a summer Read More

Optimizing your Landscaping during Rainy Season

With rainy season running from May to October, check out these quick tips on how to support your landscaping during the spike in heavy rainfall. Showers give us not only make plant life flourish, but also send weed growth into overdrive. Some things you can do to avoid having your landscape turn into a weed jungle are pulling big weeds, Read More

What to do with Grass Clippings

Leaving grass clippings on your lawn during spring and summer can actually benefit it, adding nutrients back to the lawn in a recycling manner. This trick is good when the amount of grass clippings left are moderate, as heavy clumps will smother your lawn, rather than help it. When decomposition slows or when heavy rains are frequent, remove the clippings Read More

Preventative Measures that can Reduce Hurricane Damage

It’s summer time, which means the hurricanes are threatening to turn your beautiful landscape into an unsightly mess. There are some helpful preventative measures you should take this season in order to reduce the damage to your lawn and home as well as those surrounding your property. If you don’t already have a drainage system installed it is a good Read More

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