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A well designed landscape doesn’t just enhances the way you look at your home: it substantially increases the value of your home. Albright Landscaping provides a variety of residential and commercial landscaping services to the Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota areas that are customized to suit the needs of not only homes and businesses but lifestyles as well. From tropical and country style outdoor living spaces to landscape clean-ups and high-quality ground covers, Albright Landscaping has you covered on all of your landscape needs.


Xeriscaping is a good method of conserving both your time and your resources by utilizing landscape designs that conserve water and minimize maintenance. At Albright Landscaping, Inc., you do not have to compromise beauty to accomplish this.

Ground Cover
No grass is used in xeriscaping designs since it is a high maintenance ground cover. However, a gravel yard is not the only option available. Not only can hardscaping, like pavers, be installed, but dry creeks can also be installed to create a flourishing look while still following the low maintenance guidelines. Walkways surrounded by the plants described below can also give your yard a beautiful paradise-feel.

The plants used in xeriscaping are native so they work well with the normal Florida climate conditions. They thrive on less watering than other plants, or none at all. They do not require trimming and are not susceptible to pests, thus no costly and time-consuming bug spray is needed. In short, they are a low maintenance way to offer vibrancy to your yard.

Water Features

At Albright Landscaping, Inc., we specialize in stunning custom-made ponds and waterfalls. These water features are a nice way to add beauty and soothing sound to your yard. They can turn an already elegant-looking yard into a complete masterpiece by adding a unique signature that is truly admirable. Also, they are an effective way to turn a drainage headache into a source of relaxation.

Dry Creeks

Dry Creeks offer an appealing disguise for a drainage swell, which your property may already have. They decorate the swells to look like creek beds and are efficient in that they reduce mud and puddles while also improving the look of the yard.

Specialty Features

Over the many years that we have been in business we’ve had a wide variety of request from our clients. From putting greens to volleyball courts to bridges, we can say that we have experience with many different landscape designs. We cannot, however, say that we have seen it all, but we look forward to new ideas brought to us in the future by our creative clients. Whatever you want done in your yard, we do and you can be assured it will be done well.

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