Optimizing your Landscaping during Rainy Season

With rainy season running from May to October, check out these quick tips on how to support your landscaping during the spike in heavy rainfall.

  1. Showers give us not only make plant life flourish, but also send weed growth into overdrive. Some things you can do to avoid having your landscape turn into a weed jungle are pulling big weeds, spraying little ones and replenishing mulch beds to decrease the likelihood of germination. Spraying weeds should also be increased this time of year from once a month to every two weeks. Taking these little preventative steps can protect not only your yard, but your pocketbook from being emptied on a big clean up.
  2. This next tip may seem obvious, but it should be stated nevertheless. The good thing about the heavy rains is that the water bill will be much smaller than in the dry season. If it rains twice in one week you should turn your sprinkler system off completely. This is not just to save water, but also to keep fungi like mushrooms at bay.
  3. Another thing you may see in your yard, literally piling up, because of the rains is fire ant mounds. Keep your fire ant killer on hand to ensure the safety and fun of anyone who steps onto your yard.

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